Redneck Sledding

After Morning nap time, we went back out to play in the snow. Jon decided Jack needed to go sledding, but we have no hill and no sled. So he set to work thinking up what he could use. He came up with the laundry hamper and a rope. Poor Jack was drug around the back yard while Jon ran as fast as he could in the deep snow. Jack only tipped over once and actually , to my surprise,enjoyed himself! I put his sunglasses on him so he wouldn't get snow in his eyes, since it was still snowing. When they were done, the poor boy was covered in snow!

At least he looked cool too!

Jon builds a snowman

This is the second snowman... The first one Jon built earlier in the morning and it fell over from all the snow and wind. So he relocated and rebuilt it in the front yard. I call this one the 'Angry Snowman' Because it looks mad!

The first snow man...

This one wasn't blessed with features, since it was cold and Jack was getting cranky to go back inside.


Goldsboro got 10 inches of snow the day after Christmas. It started at 3am and lasted all day long. We went out to play in it after breakfast around 6, just before the sun came up. Jack loved watching it fall out of the sky, but he didn't much care for crawling or sitting in it.

Can you get me out of these wet clothes now?!

Jack's First Christmas